Zen Health Center, located in downtown Honolulu, provides chiropractic care to patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments and injuries. We offer a safe and natural way to minimize or eliminate pain resulting from injury, poor posture, surgery, aging and auto accidents.

If you’re a health care provider, please visit our For Medical Professionals page for information about medical effectiveness of chiropractics and for referral information.

Chiropractic treatment is safe, natural, and generally painless. Many new chiropractic patients worry that chiropractic treatments will injure them. In the hands of a skilled chiropractor, you are safe. By avoiding drugs and risky surgery, chiropractic care enjoys an excellent track record. A thorough exam can identify the rare person for whom chiropractic care might be unsuited. Compare the statistics. Adjustments are about 100 times safer than taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. Though chiropractors study for many years, few have Dr. Zen’s experience, education, and dedication to providing safe treatments. Chiropractic treatment gives the body a chance to “right itself,” and our patients often say they enjoy a sense of release following their treatment. If they didn’t feel good, our patients wouldn’t come back for their next appointment!

Could chiropractic treatment help you?

Pain is the most obvious way to know whether or not chiropractic treatments could help you. Misalignment of the joints and poor posture are often the causes of pain. If you’ve been injured, chiropractic treatment can speed your recovery. There is also evidence that chiropractic and weight loss are mutually linked. Most importantly, if you are in pain, chiropractic treatments can help.

Chiropractic – Does it Work?

Your nerves, brain, and spinal cord all control how your body works. As a licensed and experienced chiropractor, Dr. Zen likes to think of himself as a mechanic and electrician of the human body. By treating mechanical problems resulting from poor posture, injury, or scar tissue he is able to reduce or eliminate pain while also increasing his patients’ mobility. Electrically, Dr. Zen applies chiropractics to his patients’ nervous system, removing blocks and increasing the electrical or chemical signals to and from the brain, helping their bodies to function without pain or interference. Chiropractic treatment decreases recovery time and pain from injuries or surgical procedures. Everyone can benefit from adjustments. Dr. Zen treats newborns, infants, children, seniors and all kinds of aches and pains. If you are still not sure chiropractic treatments will help with your pain, even trying a chiro treatment once may be the difference between finding a solution or continuing to suffer.

What is an adjustment?

When spinal joints aren’t moving right, they can irritate or inhibit surrounding nerves. A chiropractic adjustment reduces nervous system disruption by adding motion to these stuck joints.

Everyone can benefit from adjustments. Dr. Zen treats newborns, infants, children, seniors with all kinds of injuries or complaints. From sprained ankles to allergies, the correct chiropractic treatment can be a safe and effective way to improve your health.

Why people come to us for chiropractic treatment:

Most people think chiropractic care only deals with back and neck problems or headaches. Chiro treatment does focus on the spine, but only because it houses the nervous system. Chiropractic treatment can help treat or minimize many problems from asthma and stomach problems to colic and bedwetting, though most of our patients seek chiro treatment for back pain or for auto accident chiropractic treatments.

Many people come to us for help because they don’t want to take risky drugs or go through irreversible surgery. We are unique in that we also provide chiropractic for children and therapy for weight loss.

Dr. Zen treats a great number of patients wanting a fast recovery from an auto accident or to restore their mobility after being injured.
Many also come to maintain the health of their nervous system and prevent future problems.

For whatever reason you decide to consult with Dr. Zen, know that his primary concern is with your health.

Is Chiropractic Covered by Insurance?

Many medical insurance plans include chiropractic treatment. If you were in an automobile accident in the State of Hawaii, you are covered by your car insurance. Hawaii requires that all automobiles have “no fault” coverage.

If you are a state or county employee, you always have seeing a chiropractor covered by insurance.

Though there are many Honolulu chiropractors, Dr. Zen’s reputation and record allow him to accept many chiropractic insurance providers others do not, including American Specialty Health chiropractic plans and United Health Care chiropractic coverage. For more information of chiropractic insurance coverage, see our insurance coverage page.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (808) 599-2700.