Chiropractic Treatment Provider Coverage

Call to verify insurance type.

  • Auto Accident Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Akamai (HMSA)
  • HMAA
  • HMSA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Chiroplan
  • City & County or State Employees
  • HMSA – (Most PPO, Fed, HMO with referral)
  • Kaiser – (American Specialty Health, Comprehensive Care)
  • Medicare – Other/ No Insurance – (Self Pay)
  • Veterans (VA Referral) TriWest
  • UHA
  • UHC

Massage Therapy – Please call for prices.

We Accept Auto Accident Insurance, and Workers Compensation, HMAA (with massage benefits), VA referral for Massage. Massage Rx may be required.
*Insurance coverage, copays, and fee amounts vary based upon your particular plan and may not be reflected here. Please text / call to verify insurance coverage and copay amount.